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As a Professional Geologist Dr Musclow was an oilfield consultant. She has first-hand experience of living in isolated camps, working swing-shifts in tough industrial environments.

As a geochemist Dr. Musclow consulted on various environmental site assessments, particularly heavy metal and organic contaminants and their impact on human and ecological health. 

Corporate Wellness

​Wellbeing of staff and families is important during this time of societal change of COVID-19. Many companies are taking a leadership role in their communities to provide extra supports during this unique and difficult time. 

Dr. Musclow has worked with organizations to deliver employee wellness programs.


Topics include:

  • Recognizing COVID Risk Factors

  • Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

  • Boosting Immunity and Wellness

  • Pain Management 

  • Making Healthy Eating Choices and Weight Loss

  • Improving Sleep and Energy

These programs can be tailored specifically to your organization's needs - delivered virtually as well as in-person. 

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