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“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the universe. It arises in man as a need of the heart, of the life of feeling; and it can be justified only in as much as it can satisfy this inner need. He alone can acknowledge anthroposophy, who finds in it what he himself in his own inner life feels impelled to seek. Hence only they can be anthroposophists who feel certain questions on the nature of man and the universe as an elemental need of life, just as one feels hunger and thirst.”  


What is Anthroposophic Medicine?


Anthroposophic Medicine brings deeper insights to the care of the whole human being. It is practiced by conventionally-trained physicians and nurses who have undergone additional, specialized training, learning to apply a broad array of effective natural medicines. This whole-person approach also incorporates art, music, movement, and massage therapies as elements of collaborative, multidisciplinary health care. Founded in central Europe nearly a century ago, Anthroposophic Medicine is now integrated into acute-care hospitals, specialty treatment centers, and university teaching and research programs. Here in North America, Anthroposophic Medicine has been successfully integrated into centers for chronic illness care and elder care, as well as a large variety of medical practices. Trainings in anthroposophic medicine are offered for health professionals in thirty-two countries on five continents. With deep roots and broad applications, Anthroposophic Medicine works to bring health and wholeness into modern life. 

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