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What can you expect during a treatment? 
Your initial visit is 1.5 hours with Dr Musclow. You will bring your completed intake forms (on website here) and you will discuss your presenting concerns. A thorough physical examination will take place, and treatment plan options will be discussed. If necessary, lab tests may be ordered, and release of medical records from your other providers may be requested. Meridian therapy will be included in your first visit and you will be sent home with an individualized treatment plan tailored toward your individual needs. Follow up treatments are similar in structure, but shortened, and typically more focused as treatments continue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see you if I have a Medical Doctor (MD)?
Yes, and you do not need a referral. Dr Musclow, ND, MAc, MSc is happy to collaborate with your current practitioners and believes in a ‘team-based’ medical approach. Please bring any records from your other providers, including labs and imaging, for Dr Musclow to review in your intake. 

Do you accept insurance?
Most third-party health insurance plans cover naturopathic visits. Check with your employer or your insurance company to determine coverage. Unfortunately, at this time, naturopathic visits are not covered under provincial health care (OHIP). 

Is naturopathic medicine safe, modern and scientific? 
Dr Musclow was trained at an accredited naturopathic university in the USA, and holds degrees of Bachelors and Masters of Science from McGill University. Naturopathic physicians research current standards of care for each condition and consider conventional biomedical treatments as well as researched and peer-reviewed therapies. Naturopathic physicians are trained to diagnose and treat conditions 

What is your scope of practice and experience? 
Dr Musclow was trained at the National University of Natural Medicine, and holds an active licence in the State of Oregon. In Oregon, the scope of naturopathic medical practice is greater than the scope for NDs in Ontario. In her Oregon practice, Dr Musclow prescribed pharmaceuticals (birth control, hypertension medications, antibiotics, etc), performed minor surgery, ordered standard labs, referred to specialists, ordered imaging (mammograms, CTs, MRIs, X-rays, etc) and was permitted to administer vaccinations. In Ontario, Dr Musclow can currently order conventional laboratory tests. Dr Musclow can prescribe thyroid medication, as well as high dose vitamin therapy with additional licensing in upcoming months. 

What are the education and licensing requirements of naturopathic physicians?
Please visit CAND for more information.

Are you a homeopath?
Naturopathic medical education includes training in homeopathy, but Dr Musclow is not a homeopath as such. Homeopathy is a modality or type of treatment that naturopathic physicians are trained to use, much like pharmaceuticals, botanicals, etc. If it is indicated in your case, homeopathics may be considered. 

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