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Natural Medicine
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Dr. Sandy’s Plant Study (YouTube Video)

In this study we learn how to work with the plant such that the plant teaches us about itself.

Strophanthus for the heart

Autonomic Pathways of the body

Sophia Micha-el Remedies

Sophia Micha-el is a free online library, offering to the internet public educational information about anthroposophic healthcare. The website offers you free access to anthroposophic medicine concepts and treatments for common problems. The website is divided into three sections: spirit, body and soul.

External Applications Videos

Here are instructions and videos on how to do the following external applications.

Videos are provided for the following applications:

  • Lemon Calf Wrap 

  • Horseradish Sinus Compress

  • Ginger Kidney Compress

  • Onion Compress

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