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For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.

Rudolf Steiner

Meet Sandy


My naturopathic medical practice is focused on integrating current research with traditional naturopathic and Chinese medicine patterns and treatments based on the needs of the individual. I strive to help you understand illness and move toward a state of health by understanding your life journey and designing a treatment plan that is individual to you.

Individualized Health Care 


I offer holistic primary care to children and adults of all ages — treating the whole human being, not just disease and pathology.

What to Expect


To treat your condition it’s important for us to understand all aspects of your health to get to the root cause of the ailment. The initial visit for integrated naturopathic care (including acupuncture) will take about 90 minutes. For a stand alone naturopathic or acupuncture visit, we will need about 60 minutes. 

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